Welcome to the Omaha Fencing Club!

Class schedule for Winter 2015

Classes start the week of October 13th
Classes for Brownell start on October 13th
Classes for Montclair start on October 16th.

Class fees for Beginners and Advanced Beginners are $50
Intermediate classes are $55.00 (Includes free open fencing during the session).
USA Fencing Membership is $10.00 for a Non-Competitive Membership.

All Participants Must Be Members With U.S. Fencing In Order To Participate In OFC Activities
As of August 1st, US Fencing has stated that all members of a club must be registered members with the organization. For new fencers in our beginner and advanced beginner classes, there is a $10 Non-Competitive membership option available.

Register with the USFA at RailStation. Answer 'No' for the first question Does USA Fencing have your profile? in order to complete a new registration.

All fencers must provide proof of registration before being allowed to participate in fencing activities.

Click HERE to register now!
Class size is limited, so pre-registration is required.

Tuesdays: Brownell Talbot School
7:00 to 8:00 Beginner Fencing Class
8:00 to 9:00 Advanced Beginner Fencing Class
Brownell Talbot is located at 400 North Happy Hollow Boulevard.

Fridays: Montclair Community Center
6:00 to 7:30 Intermediate Fencing Class
7:00 to 8:00 Beginner Fencing Class
7:00 to 9:00 Open Fencing. No Drop-in fee for the remainder of 2015.
Montclair Community Center is located at 2304 South 135th Avenue. 444-4956.

Sundays: Brownell Talbot School
3:00 to 5:00 Open Fencing. No Drop-in fee for the remainder of 2015. Brownell Talbot is located at 400 North Happy Hollow Boulevard.

Fall Steel E & Under Foil/Epee Tournament

Fall Steel is now posted on AskFRED. Competition will take place October 24th at Brownell-Talbot in Omaha, NE. Fall Steel is a USFA-sanctioned E & Under Foil and Epee tournament, great for fencers looking to get their feet wet in competition, and those wishing to sharpen their skills in a low-stress competitive environment. This event is open to all fencers ages 13 and up with a competitive US Fencing membership. See you there!

The 2015-2016 Fencing Season Here

The new USFA fencing season started on August 1, 2015 lasting until July 31, 2016. Remember to renew your USFA membership! All fencers, participating in class or open fencing, must have at least a Non-Competitive Membership with the USFA.

The Omaha Fencing Club yearly membership also expires on July 31. Yearly membership grants unlimited access to all of our classes at any location, free open fencing and three free private lessons with the coach of your choice! Start or renew your membership by talking to any of our coaches.

Yearly membership for OFC is $200 for the entire year, and only $100 for any additional family members.
Each yearly member is also given three free private lesson with a coach of their choice!
Talk to any coach for more information.

Patrick DeSimio Award

We are proud to announce Omaha Fencing Club member John-Henry Buttz as our fourth annual recipient of the Patrick DeSimio Award!

John-Henry has been a competitive member of the Omaha Fencing Club for a few years. He has demonstrated his abilities on the strip and in class repeatedly. A state games medal winner, John-Henry will be testing his mettle at a North American Cup in November in Kansas City, fencing at a national level. We are proud to have John-Henry representing the Omaha Fencing Club, we look forward to seeing many more improvements!